Medicine + IT. Specialized in Pharmacovigilance Data Analysis and Signal Detection.

Our Mission

  • Provide services and solutions which are immediately valuable for our clients
  • Establish reliable, long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients
  • Contribute to enhancements of pharmacovigilance research, methods and tools, especially in safety data analysis, signal detection and risk management
  • Contribute to the efficient implementation and operation of good pharmacovigilance practices and systems
  • Support the collaboration of medicine and IT to unlock hidden opportunities

Our Experience

We are specialized in health sciences consultancy related to business processes and IT solutions in the area of pharmacovigilance, especially in safety data analysis and signal detection.

Our special expertise is the qualification of our consultants both in medicine and IT ‐ a big advantage for the communication and solution development with both professions in the interdisciplinary environment of pharmacovigilance departments.

Our consultants have 15 years experience with pharmacovigilance regulations and their compliant implementation and operation, with project and human resource management, with the implementation and optimization of business processes and software systems (including Oracle Argus Safety, Oracle Argus Insight, Oracle Argus Mart, Oracle Health Sciences Empirica Signal, Oracle Health Sciences Empirica Topics, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Crystal Reports, SQL, PL/SQL), with the implementation and optimization of methods and processes for data analysis, signal detection and signal management, with medically sound and efficient use of MedDRA® and Standardised MedDRA® Queries (SMQs), and with the development and implementation of complex signal detection and data analysis reports, management reports and management dashboards.

The Evolution of Lenolution

Lenolution started in 2014 as the result of a long process. Since 2002, we have collected knowledge and experience by being faced with many challenges and developing meaningful, fit-for-purpose solutions, especially in the field of pharmacovigilance, safety signal detection and data analysis.

With our double background in medicine and IT, we always try to make these two professions work together and be helpful for each other as best as possible. In a sense, we are human medicine-IT interfaces. We love to work on both sides of the interface — as well as in the middle.